My name is Chinonso Anyaehie. I’m the founder of Import to Brand.

The courses here are 100% practical, It’s either I have launched a similar brand myself or I have worked with a client to do the same. Each course is broken down into a step-by-step practical guide to making sure you get your foundation right. If you are here to learn the skills you need to launch a product brand with OEM or White label – while also building positive brand equity, then you are at the right place. Once you buy any course you will be added to your community where you will get a further practical guide


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Building a Product Brand from Importation shouldn’t be difficult. Getting your foundation right maters a lot. You don’t need to break the bank to get the required skills and knowledge

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Most importers focus on products alone, but this approach is heavily flawed, your major focus should be on your brand name and customers. Efforts should be made in building positive brand equity, even if you decide to launch new product lines under your brand name, your customers will not have an issue trusting them enough to buy, even with little or no marketing. This ebook will walk you through the process of building through Private Labelling

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We do market all our properties on the big property websites.

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We know you must have invested in several courses which just gave empty promises and you ended up not getting any value, it can be really painful. We are assuring you that any course you buy on this platform was created on 100% practical approach, with the sole purpose of arming you with the practical knowledge needed to start immediately. If you ever get disappointed, please ask for a refund @ You just a 5 hours after purchase to do this.